Are you planning a vacation in Georgia? While most people have heard about Atlanta and all it offers including the Coca-Cola Museum and factory and CNN Headquarters. What you may not know is there are many other, less well-known things to do in Georgia. Some of these are off the beaten track and offer a unique experience. Here are a few of the most interesting.

Near Atlanta lies the Doll’s Head Trail. The South River Brick Company once used Georgia clay to make their bricks. When they stopped, they left behind a vacant industrial site. Eventually, nature took over and this area became of the of the few nature preserves that lie within an urban area. The clay pits created by the brick company were extremely deep. These filled with rainwater and a system of man-made ponds developed. These are called Constitution Lakes. DeKalb County purchased the property in 2003 and constructed boardwalks and paved trails around the lakes.

Joel Slaton, a local carpenter created an art project along one of the trails. He used discarded doll parts and other items he found around the site. He also encouraged visitors to look for art and add it to the project.

If you are more into an exploration of ruins, the Dungeness Ruins on Cumberland Island are a good place to visit. At one point, the Carnegie family owned almost all of Cumberland Island. This included a huge Scottish mansion with 59 rooms. The family eventually abandoned the mansion and all that remain today are the ruins.

Visitors can walk among the ruins and get an idea of what the mansion looked like. Most of the island is under wildlife conservation protection, but visitors are allowed to wander and experience the beauty of the island.

Savannah is one of Georgia’s oldest cities. It sits on the Atlantic Ocean and is a wonderful example of Southern Living. When visiting Savannah, stop by the Paris Market. This shop is filled with all sorts of quirky and unusual items. The owners tell their customers that they choose their inventory based on the exotic bazaars of Alexandria, Cairo, and Rajasthan. They also look for items reminiscent of Rome, Milan and Florence and the flea markets of Holland, Belgium and Hungary. Visitors will find items ranging from coral prints to taxidermy. This is a truly fun place to browse and shop.

Planning a vacation to Georgia should include visits to some of the most unusual attractions. Take the time to visit the out-of-the-way places to see the real Georgia.